Super Star Trek

A faithful conversion to Perl and LUA of the original 1978 BASIC code of SuperStarTrek by Bob Leedom/David Ahl

The original BASIC code was published in the book BASIC COMPUTER GAMES - Microcomputer Edition.

If you want to know more about this game, its history and how to play it, have a look at Rediscovering the 1978 text-only Super Star Trek Game, an article I recently wrote for GamesNostalgia. It's fun, believe me! If you have already read it, or you don't care, and just want to download the game, this is the right place.

If you are a developer, you will probably prefer to get the code from my GitHub page. On GitHub you will also find the LUA version. In the ZIP file below I added only the Perl version because it's the easiest to run, but the game it's exactly the same. If you just want to play it, it's perfectly fine. Click the button below to download the game.

Download my Perl version of Super Star Trek

How to run the game

If you are on Mac, it's very easy, Perl is installed in all MacOS versions. Just save the file in a folder (eg. Desktop) then open the Mac Terminal. Once you are in, type cd 'yourfolder' (eg. cd Desktop), then launch the game with perl

If you have Windows, you must install Perl first (don't worry, it's free!). The easiest way is to install Active Perl for Windows: go to the Active Perl Downloads section and download the suggested package. Then launch the installation. Once Perl is installed, you can open the CMD tool (click Start and type "CMD"). Once you are inside the console, type cd 'yourfolder' and then perl

Live long and prosper!